How to Seamlessly Fit Kids’ Toys Into the Living Room Decor

How to Seamlessly Fit Kids’ Toys Into the Living Room Decor

Are you sharing your space with young children? It’s perfectly normal for evidence of their presence to be strewn all over your house. After all, these little people require a lot of stuff to meet their needs. In the living room, the source of the clutter is usually their toys. 

So how can you achieve a Pinterest-worthy decor while accommodating their desire to play by your side? Here are our ideas. 

1.   Include a Variety of Storage Options (in a Grown-Up Style)

Not all your storage furniture needs to have that nursery-room look! Instead, opt for adult pieces that blend into your decor! Don’t limit yourself to closed containers for small toys. Clear plastic bins are great for knowing what’s in there at a glance. Wood, acrylic or even stone trays make attractive play surfaces for building sets.

A low bookcase in which their books are arranged according to the colours of the rainbow can also serve as a decor accent in a neutral room. The most popular toys should be placed within easy reach of tiny hands. Consider keeping the items your kids play with every day on a utility cart. This solution can be integrated into any kind of decor as such carts come in a wide range of styles: modern, vintage, industrial, etc.

2.   Optimize How You Use Furnishings

Nevertheless, to prevent the living room from transforming into a playroom, there should be an equal amount of open and closed storage. Moreover, open storage allows for the incorporation of colour and visual contrast in the room making it a versatile space that all the occupants can use. But remember that messy open storage won’t escape anyone’s notice.

 Furniture units with integrated storage, such as a large armoire with drawers or a coffee table that opens up, are the ideal answer for parents searching for a place to keep children’s toys out of sight.


3.   Add Sophisticated Small-Scale Furniture

Arrange elegant seating around a low table for the little ones. Stores often offer mini versions of the hippest chair models, like plastic Eames chairs if you like the modern look, or a Louis Ghost chair, perfect for a more traditional interior. At the same time, you will instantly breathe new life into the living room’s decor. 

1.   Get Your Kids Involved

Simplify organization for all family members by assigning each play activity a specific zone. With the help of visual aids like pictograms or photos, indicate in which baskets or bins the smaller items should go. Both you and the children will be more likely to follow the storage system if it is easy to understand.


2.   … Even the Tiniest Tot!

Did you know that babies can pick up after themselves? As soon as they begin to crawl, typically between six and ten months of age, they are strong enough to move towards whatever object has caught their fancy and grab it with one hand. At this stage, set a bin or basket by the child and encourage them to place their toy inside. Infants and toddlers display a strong propensity to throw once they’ve reached this child brain development milestone. Take advantage of this phase to teach them to put their toys away. You will have to repeat the exercise and show them how to do it several times, but you will be glad you persevered when your youngster eventually adopts the habit of tidying up after themselves. 

By integrating lots of stylish storage options and making keeping the house organized as easy as possible, you will be able to maintain your living room is a state that everyone in the family can enjoy.

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